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Single format

Our three-week trade missions allow for multiple contacts with key players from your industry and in-depth familiarization with your target market.

Highly competitive

As a non-profit organization, we only charge for the on-site expenses of our development agents during the mission.

Valuable contacts

We have relationships with key players in multiple industries in a number of countries.

A range of technical expertise

Our multicultural and multidisciplinary team (engineering, law, business administration, international studies, etc.) can handle special assignments requiring additional expertise.

Exclusive training opportunities

Take advantage of exclusive training opportunities with UL partners and faculty on various aspects of international trade.

Invaluable resources

Enjoy special access to UL databases and to faculty members with wide-ranging expertise.

A proven model

Missions commerciales de l’Université Laval has represented over 700 Québec companies abroad since 1997.

No burden on your resources

The development agent works in parallel with your people so you don’t have to tie up in-house resources. Your business continues to operate as normal.