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The development agent experience

Did you know…

As a development agent, you will represent a Québec company on a three-week trade mission in a foreign country. During your mission, you’ll be required to meet with business people and other local stakeholders in the destination country to develop business relations for the company you represent.

High-level training

The program begins in October. If you are selected for the development agent team, you’ll begin a series of high-level training sessions covering all aspects of international sales and commerce.

25 Québec companies

While undergoing your training, you and your colleagues will meet with Québec companies to convince them to entrust you with a representation mission overseas. On average, participants meet with some 25 companies. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about Québec industries and expand your contact network.

In addition to enhancing your knowledge of international trade and business, the program also provides opportunities to hone valuable negotiating, sales, interpersonal communication, diplomatic, and project management skills that will be useful throughout your career.